Rift: Experience Vials Fix

According to Riftgrate.com, Trion has responded to the Patron Vials bug in RIFT that had been plaguing the game for the past week. They did it by fixing it in the recent hotfix. Now, your vials won’t have increased to 7x, but they shouldn’t be resetting to 0x and 1x anymore.


If you are one of those who put a support/GM ticket prior to the fix, you should have been given 500 Credits as part of Trion’s apology for the issue.


Today they’ve also sent out 7x Transcendent Trove of Boosts to those affected (this might encompass all Patrons, even those not affected by the bug).




The 7x Transcendent Trove of Boosts contains:


  • 7x Transcendent Experience Vials
  • 7x Transcendent Favor Vials
  • 7x Transcendent Notoriety Vials
  • 7x Transcendent Prestige Vials
  • 7x Transcendent Skill Spheres
  • 7x Transcendent Token Tablets


If you didnt do the math, let me do it for you. These are all 160% boosts. Keep in mind that they added the Skill Spheres, which weren’t part of Patron vials to begin with.


Hopefully all of the issues involved with this were resolved with the hotfix. Keep on Rifting!

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