New Dimension Items Discovered

The folks over at Rift Dream Dimensions have been busy digging into the new content of Game Update 2.4. With the release of 2.4 comes with it some nifty items that you can add to your personal slice of Telara.  The items displayed in the screen shots give a small example of what the players can look forward to discovering across the zones.

Some of the new items include a Stuffed Black Armored Ursin, Infernal Dawn Cannon, Runecraft Litter and a Snowy House with Deck. Each of the items is valued at one silver, but I’m sure they will fetch more if offered on the Auction House.

Here is some additional information about these amazing items:

  • They are not soulbound
  • Items are dropping from the Infernal Dawn: Laethys Chronicle and the Realm of Twisted Dreams Dungeon
  • White Item drops appear to be found across multiple zones of Telara
  • Green and blue items appear to be tied to specific zones

There is also a forum post currently being updated with new items and where to find them. If you would like to contribute to this growing database of Dimension items, you can do so by clicking Here.

blakcUrsin InfernalDawnCannon RuneCraft Litter SnowHouseDeck


What are you thoughts on these recently discovered items? Let us know in the comments below.

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